Sunday, May 15, 2011

Experience of a Devotee

            My Great Grand Father used to come to Kole-Narsinhapur every year for darshan and puja. That time the bullok carts used to carry "Jwari' from that area to Kole-Narsingpur area and take "Tandul" from this area to Solapur area. My Great Grand Father used to come in such bullock carts. When he advanced in his age, he was unable to travel. For him it was great pain that he can not go to his God. One day when he was deeply disappointed, he heard in his dream his God Nrusinha telling him that do not be worried he will come there sitting in the bag of Rice. ( Vaait vatun gheu nakos. Mi tandlachya potyat basun tuzyakade yeto ) He told about this to his family memebrs and was relieved from his pains to some extent. Few days after this the Great Grand Father found a black stone in one of the bag of rice. He assumed that this is the God as told him in the dream. He took the stone and with due rituals and puja kept it in the "devhara' in his house. Next morning when he happen to see the "devhara"  he found that the stone kept earlier day was not there. After some time when he was outside his "wada" he saw that stone was lying below a pimple tree. He took it and again kept at his "devhara" and performed his daily puja. Next morning same thing happened. The stone was again brought inside but next morning it was seen outside at same place. This repeated for four days. Meanwhile the Great Grand Father was worried about this happening. Again in his dream he was told by the God that his place is where he is going daily and not in the house. So on the fifht day or so the Great Grand Father made rituals below the tree and kept the God there. After few years a small Mandir was erected.
Exact year of this story is not known to any one now in the family but considering the ages of earlier generation people in the family, this may be around 1850 to 1860.
During life time of my Grand Father once a 'Swami' had visited the Mandir. Swamiji stayed for one night on the outside "oosari' of the "wada". He refused to come inside the "wada" and stay there. In the morning while leaving he handed over a paper on which one "stotra or aarti" was written. The last line contained " .... Shreedharane Rachile ... ". That time the Grand Father realised that the swami came last night was none other than "Shreedhar Swami".

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