Monday, February 8, 2010

Forms of Narsimha

The Nine forms of Lord Narasimha (Nava Narasimha)

It is believed that Lord Narasimha protects his followers when they are in extreme danger. He also saved Adi Sankara from being sacrificed to the goddess Kali by a Kapalika. As a gesture of gratitude Adi Sankara composed the Laksmi -Narasimha stotra in praise to Lord Narasimha.
Lord Narsimha is recognized in the scriptures by a variety of forms. He is said to have more than 74 forms on the basis of his different postures or weapons. Out of this 9 forms are the most popular. The most popular out of the nine is his Lakshmi Narasimha form. The nine forms of Narasimha (Nava Narasimha) are

1. Ugra Narasimh
2. Krodha Narasimha
3. Malola Narasimha
4. Jwala Narasimha
5. Varaha Narasimha
6. Bhargava Narasimha
7. Karanja Narasimha
8. Yoga Narasimha
9. Lakshmi Narasimha
Narsimha images are generally classified into two  broad types:-  Girija  and  Sthunaja.The  former  expression  suggests Narsimha  rushing  out of a  mountains -cave ( giri)  to protect  his  devotee, he is shown as a long  figure, seated in easy  or yogic posture,  which is  between   Kevala narsimha  and Sthunaja narsimha  points out  that  the former  is benign, , while in the latter  terrific.In  the  former  variety , the diety sits on a  lotus -seat , with legs  crossed  or in  the  'utkutikasana' posture.He  is bedecked  with all ornaments .He  has  only  4 hands , upper  ones  holdings  discus  ans conch , and normal  hands  streched  over  the knees  .Or  he  may  sit  on lion -seat ( simhasana) with  the left  leg  bent  and  placed  across the seat .In  this case , the  right  hand  assumes  the  gestures  of protection  ( abhaya)  and the left hand  holds  the hip  or is placed on the thigh .

The sthuna variety of narsimha  is usually  in  the act of killling  demon  and therefore  in awe-inspiring  aspect . the  form is frightening for the wicked .His  Mouth  is wide and open  and eyes are  round , bloodshot and terrible, narsimha in this forms are many arms 8 or 16  being most  usual.The demon is shown as held  prostrate  on the left  thigh  of narsimha , secured by two hands of god, another two hands of the god pulling out intestines from the demon's . belly holding them  as garlands round his own neck.


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